About Idlewood Construction

Steward Hiebner has been in the remodeling  – construction business in the McClelland and  Council Bluffs, Iowa  area For 15 years, He has done everything from new home construction remodeling ,siding, decks, bathrooms, kitchens, and custom cabinets.

He specializes  in custom cabinets and custom trim. Steward Hiebner  does room additions,  basement remodeling, home remodeling, remodeling of  bathrooms, remodeling of kitchens, and any home remodeling you can think of, in the McClelland and Council Bluffs Iowa area..

Steward Hiebner is registered and licensed in Council Bluffs, IA. He is also accredited through the BBB so you know you’re in good hands!

Home remodeling made easy

Are you looking to remodel your home? Are you interested in room additions,  basement remodeling, making changes to your bathroom, living room or kitchen? Would you like to build a brand new home from scratch? If so, you’ve certainly found the person to help you get these projects done! Steward Hiebner has years of experience making homes look better and more beautiful than how he found them in the McClelland and Council Bluffs Iowa area..

Professional experience, professional service

When you come to Idlewood Construction with your remodeling needs, Steward Hiebner   guarantee that you’ll get the best service in town. You know you’re in good hands when he is  working on your home! quality work, the best materials

When you come to him for your home construction and remodeling needs, Idlewood Construction guarantees the very best workmanship and building materials, all at an affordable price. There is no need to shop around because Steward Hiebner knows he can offer you the most competitive price. If you still have some questions, feel free to reach out to him. He’ll come by and give you a FREE estimate too!

Free Estimates

Idlewood Construction  is BBB accredited and FREE estimates in the McClelland and Council Bluffs Iowa area, are available. You can trust us to make your home remodeling projects easy, fast, and affordable!